Researchers, policy-makers, health care providers and students interested in gender, sex and health will meet in Montréal, Québec, Canada for Advancing Excellence in Gender, Sex and Health Research, an international conference hosted by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Gender and Health. The conference will explore advances in our understandings of how sex and gender influence health. The conference will showcase excellence across the full scope of health research, from cell to society, and will feature research on the health of women, men and people of various gender identities. It represents a unique opportunity to share new discoveries and advances in theories, methods, interventions and knowledge translation across disciplines and subject areas.

We are only accepting abstracts for individual oral and poster presentations for this conference. If you and your colleagues are interested in submitting multiple linked abstracts (i.e., the components of a panel or symposium), we recommend that you and colleagues submit abstracts with the same title root (example: “Gender and Cardiovascular Health”) and different stems (“Gender and Cardiovascular Health: Improving Access to Care”, “Gender and Cardiovascular Health: A Review of Current Evidence,” etc.). This will make it clear to the scientific committee that your papers are linked and, should all of the abstracts be accepted, also provides the scientific committee with the option of grouping these linked presentations if doing so fits well with the overall scientific program and conference streams.

Conference objectives

  • To showcase advances in research on gender, sex and health.
  • To demonstrate how those advances can be applied to programs, policies, and practice in order to improve health.
  • To provide networking and knowledge exchange opportunities for individuals and groups with an interest in gender, sex and health
  • To offer training and educational opportunities for trainees and investigators entering the field of gender, sex and health research.

Conference streams

The Conference Scientific Committee encourages submissions aligned with one or more of the following six conference streams:

Theoretical and methodological innovations
This stream invites submissions that focus on theoretical and methodological innovations in gender, sex and health research, including advances in how we theorize gender and sex, as well as new research tools, instruments, or techniques for exploring the relationships of gender and/or sex with health.

Promising interventions
Promising interventions are at the core of this stream. Examples include clinical, health services via Franch generique pharique pharmacie, policy, and population health interventions, which were informed by and are sensitive to gender and/or sex, with the aim of showing how gender- and sex-sensitive interventions enhance health outcomes.

Emerging areas
For this stream, submissions should focus on emerging areas in gender, sex and health research, including new discoveries, research on understudied populations, and findings from studies on health research topics that have not traditionally taken a sex or gender-based focus.

Integrating both gender and sex in health research
This interdisciplinary stream invites submissions that focus on research linking both gender and sex, including single studies, interdisciplinary teams, and multicenter studies.

Health and social inequities
Submissions should focus on advances in our understandings of the ways in which health and social inequities are ‘gendered’ and/or ‘sexed’, at both the individual and population levels and how these understandings can inform interventions to improve access to care and health outcomes.

The biology of sex and health
This stream encourages submissions that focus on advances in our understandings of the biological aspects of sex and health (e.g., novel findings on sex differences) and the clinical and/or health services applications of those findings.

Presentation formats

Abstracts accepted for Advancing Excellence in Gender, Sex and Health Research may be presented in either oral or poster formats. Prospective presenters will be given the option of requesting that their abstract be considered for a poster presentation, an oral presentation, or both. The final decision rests with the scientific reviewers.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations provide conference participants with the opportunity to present findings from a research project or program of research (including both empirical and theoretical work). The Scientific Committee recommends that oral presentations focus on the results of completed studies – proposed or in-progress research should be presented as posters.


Presenting a poster offers conference participants the opportunity to present their findings, engage with other researchers and receive feedback on their work in a more interactive informal manner.

Please note that the abstract submission process is now closed. Please visit this website for the latest updates.

For more information, please contact:

Emily Kwong
Advancing Excellence in Gender, Sex and Health Research Conference
Toll-free (Canada & USA): +1 800 563 6252
Telephone: +1 604 689 3446 ext 443


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